Which animals insurance is the best?

Actually should be called the title of this piece “Which animals insurance is best for me and my pet?” It is not so easy to choose which pet insurance is best. This depends on a number of points. They will describe in detail in this article, and hopefully you can identify the correct them which best suits you the insurance.

This is important because insurers herewith attached are required to deliver a high level of quality. All insurance policies are basically good, but there are big differences in prices, and in the policy conditions.

What to look for

When taking out a pet insurance you should look well at least the following four points.


-What reimbursed insurance

-How high is the deductible?

-What is paid up?

Also remember for yourself what you think is most important. You can include closing a good health insurance; the main costs are covered for a very reasonable price, but not all! Want to ensure good really all you need to know exactly what is and is not reimbursed.

The premium

The price of the pet insurance is dependent on the age, weight, and breed of the pet. Prices between insurances themselves even care. Petplan and Proteq both have three options, from cheap to very expensive. With the most expensive package you have the most comprehensive coverage, and the highest maximum reimbursement. Think carefully about how much you want to insure, for example, large dogs are common hip and Elbow problems which are expensive to treat, these diseases are only reimbursed in the most expensive packages.

If you are looking for English Bulldog pet insurance then you have to consider that the English Bulldog is among the ten most popular dog breeds in the UK. You need to know how costly they to insure are.


Own risk

It is also important to look at how the insurance deductible calculated. This is either a percentage of the note, or a fixed amount per note. At low notes is a cheaper rate, but at high notes is a fixed price much cheaper. Two examples:  a fixed amount of € 30 per treatment, or a rate of 20% per treatment.

-a consultation of € 40: For a fixed amount you get paid just € 10 (40-30), at a rate of 20% you will get € 32 reimbursed

-However, an operation of € 1,000: with fixed amount you get paid € 9,965, at a rate of 20% you get paid € 800

So, in small amounts as a percentage means a lower contribution, but at high cost is a fixed price a lot cheaper!


Maximum amount

In all pet insurance policies that are not paid out indefinitely, there is a maximum amount. The differences can be found in the table below

What is reimbursed?

The most important thing is to know what interventions have, and which are not covered by insurance. Basically, all insurance consultation at the vet, and reimbursed necessary operations (of course there are always the exception, so always read good full coverage list!). The major differences in the insurance are in charge of “diseases of hips and elbows,” “Spaying and neutering,” “therapies, and” Vaccination “. Most insurance policies also have a different coverage packages for different prices.