How To Make Your Pets Even Happier

Keeping our pets content is easy. They don’t ask for much, they just live in the moment and enjoy even the little things. They give us love and affection freely too, so why not give them a little bit more? Here are some ways to make your pets even happier.

More exercise and play time – most dogs love a walk or a run and they also love to play. Dedicate a time every day to give them the exercise they need for their good health. It doesn’t have to be all physical either – mental stimulation can tire them out just as well (and even better!). There are games and toys that are specifically designed to help stimulate your dog’s mind.

Stop whenever they want – dogs are so good at living in the moment, they appreciate even the little things. Let them stop when they want to smell the grass, flowers or trees, give them time and don’t rush them, there’s no need to always be on the go.

Take your dog to that place you always said you wanted to – life happens quickly, before we know it our pets are getting older or less mobile. Take your dog on a trip, go and enjoy it while you have the opportunity. Make sure you use 4Pets ProLine Dog Crates when traveling by car, they are designed to transport pets safely and comfortable and they are crash tested.

Thinks about the little stuff that makes your pet happy – simple stuffs like taking their collar off before bedtime, a good neck or butt scratch, a belly rub or even a tiny piece of your steak!

Offer a variety of fresh and healthy food – there are lots of wonderful dog foods available to our pets these days. Our pets enjoy tasting a variety of foods just like people do, give them only natural Quality Dog Treats and dog food.

Train your pet – this requires patience and I believe in force-free training, this means you don’t need to have a specific time to train your dog, every time you give them treats, you can incorporate a command and later they will get used to it. It’s a very enjoyable part for both the dog and owner.

Touch – many pets enjoy being stroked or massaged. It feels good to them and to us to see their pleasure. Brush your pet regularly, too. Many enjoy the feeling and will fall asleep while it’s being done.

Above all, our pets enjoy the time they spend with us. Quality one-on-one time together is even more treasured so when you have a spare moment or two, do something extra for your pet and he’ll love it just as much as you do.