All about insurance for pets

Many people think that animals’ assurances are useless. Yet when something happens, regardless of the severity of the accident, the insurance proves quite useful. But is that all animals are affected? What are the “good” benefits on animals? Are they identical to those that humans perceive? All this will be explained below.

Why take out pet insurance?

Any animal that you own, insurance is important in case of trouble. Indeed, every animal needs and deserves to be treated. However, veterinary costs are not given and each owner does not necessarily have the budget to make do. Thus, insurance companies are quick to offer you a contract that finally will cover your pet.

This will not give care and, in many cases, to extend the life of his protege. Surgery, a broken paste or a blood test are extremely expensive. So how do when you cannot pay? The pet health insurance is welcome, but according to Pet Insurance U it should not be confused with civil responsibility that ensures your pet in case of accidents caused by himself or a third party.

Girl with dog and cat resting on the green grass.

To whom should we buy insurance?

Be it a dog, a cat, a parrot, a hamster or other animal, all pets can be insured. Nevertheless, conditions vary across companies. When you subscribe to a contract, it is vital to read the small print, even if they are not very visible on the contract. This is what will make the differences between the companies and that will give you an idea of the repayments which you can claim.

Do not forget to check the contract you take your pet to assure good until the end of his days. It is always the time of old age that spending is greatest.

Is insurance really useful?

You notice that your pet is never sick and you wonder if the act of taking a health insurance worth it? Of course yes because, like humans, your protege is not immune to anything. We must therefore ensure an early age, in order not to have unpleasant surprises later. Also keep in mind that chronic disease demand for care throughout the life of your pet.

In the end, it ends up being very costly for you. Even if you count those expenses in your budget, it’s always better to be paid, right?

The contracts they include a waiting period, the maximum reimbursements, a franchise?

Be careful, insurers do not insure you overnight. A waiting period is always respected so as to “investigate” the health of your pet. Insurance companies want to know that your fur ball is not seriously ill, with many costs that would be refundable. This allows them to have less money to spend.

Franchise side, it depends on the coverage of your pet. Some franchises can reach up to € 150, which is still high. Regarding refunds, yes, again, they may be capped, up from 1,000 to 2,000 € per year. That said, you will take more options in your contract at best you will be reimbursed but your deductible will also be high. It is therefore imperative weighed the pros and cons and make the general condition of your pet.


While the insurance contracts do not specifically exclude animals, it goes without saying that hereditary diseases, calving cesarean or sterilization of females are not supported. This is what is called exclusions. It’s a shame, because we cannot force a female to have children or to force him to give birth naturally at the risk of her dying.

The animals insurance, finally, have a great significance for the daily well-being of your pet.