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0:00in about 10 headed crooner if ya hear palmieri kit
3:23ok I’ve started
4:53really click the video on the left the card at the top right now to see giant
5:09flies attack our house special girl saves the day but makes a huge mess in
5:14the process I didn’t have a easy time cleaning this one now click the video on
5:19the right or the card the top right now for t-rex his birthday party he’s one
5:24million years old and he celebrates by making a giant mess we really need a
5:30house cleaner anybody wanna help us out
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0:00hi everybody hates as him he’ll vs babyface online service for Bo Lords of
0:05shit now gives a talk on the right hand side of the screen left inside of your
0:09character’s point of view we have one of the two Guardian pets that the wall
0:14sconce summon this being the infernal the other one of course being the doomed
0:19god now when pat 6.2 arrives in this is gonna scare some people which is only
0:24two days away now from being 90 would it brought with it a bunch of new demons
0:35highres skins brand new textures brand-new demons altogether and one of
0:41those new demons or one of those updates was for the Dugard and Blizzard switched
0:45out the really funky looking old virgin and replaced it with the brand new one
0:51know though they did a brand new updated version of the infernal as well
0:55decided to keep the original vision that had been with is now free eleven and a
1:01half years and that didn’t bother me at all because I love this little bugga not
1:07only because I think really holds its age well but also because there’s
1:12nothing else that looks like in the world war looking model and I have all
1:18the wonderful memories attached in my brain on how I actually got it because
1:24we had to physically this back in math but nowadays of course he’s just given
1:30to you is at M&T condom Pat alas a lot when they join arrives it will no longer
1:36be the default infernal in actual fact the version which came in impact six
1:41point to this one on the screen now will be the brand new model used now I’m sure
1:48that’s going to make a lot of people very happy indeed they much prefer the
1:53updated model and there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever I fully understand
1:56where they’re coming from it is a gorgeous looking demon is looking very
2:01imposing a mean and everything like that I just hope that Blizzard dude gives the
2:06hopefully in something like a minor glyph or something like that where we
2:11can switch it out for the original I would like to see a cross-section of
2:15people with the new one in cross-section people the OMB’s it still holds its a
2:19very well but that’s not it is not just a video on hey the old ones gone the new
2:27ones in many do know you see things have changed with Gandhian pets in Legion
2:33currently there on a ten-minute kuna wen Lijun arrives there actually own a
2:39three-minute go down and they will cost the solo shot to cast into the fight but
2:44they still will have the same impact that they do now but on the live servers
2:50at the moment there is an ability called demonic servitude and demonic servitude
2:55will allow the Warlock to command more powerful demons like the inferno and
3:00like the doomed God on a permanent basis but that’s being removed from the game
3:07in Legion well kind of his being removed demonic servitude is being removed but
3:14it’s actually getting renamed and it’s being remained to grimoire of supremacy
3:21now some people especially if your wall hold on a minute as Dreamliners
3:26supremacy is already in the game
3:29yes you are correct demonic servitude is literally just getting renamed grimoire
3:35of supremacy which we have on the syllabus now which allows you instead of
3:40using the boardwalk use the boy Claude dated a.m. you get the observer instead
3:47of the foul puppy that’s going from the game and I think you gonna be able to
3:54change it demons
3:55minor glyphs and also some of them are coming in in PvP for example the
4:01observer will be actually able to get as a gallon from the PvE
4:06and all that kind of stuff so that is how they’re going to operate in Legion
4:13if you’re not choosing grimoire of supremacy the gonna be on a three minute
4:18cooldown with the social cost is set of 10 minutes but if you are going to use
4:22grimoire supremacy then you’re gonna be able to take control of the guy at the
4:28gym God and also the inferno now as and pat’s so yeah let me know what you guys
4:35and gals think in the comments down below to get a bit stressed that you’re
4:41not gonna get your updated over the demons and you gonna have to stick
4:45pretty broke standard ones unless of course they do allow you to change look
4:48at them with glyphs unable to stop panicking now manager Julie hear your
4:54thoughts and feelings on the old model versus new model and also the changes
4:59demonic servitude withdrew muah supremacy so I’ve enjoyed the vid if you
5:04did and also subscribe to my channel following social media and online
5:09streaming links in description down below and I’ll be back with some more
5:13stuff very soon
5:14you take care of her body–JU4
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0:05dan here from dyed my guy welcome back to another minecraft video at today we
0:14are gonna get our very own pets
0:18block yeah I kid you not to this is cool
0:23life of a dub rock where we get to select our very own duh block what it
0:27looks like its name and then whatever else is my paws installed so without
0:32further ado so we are going to get straight into it so that it’s gonna make
0:38me hit stopped twice ok that it’s not again there we go
0:4200 is a very welcome to life of a dub rock by that guy he is your blog hello
0:49how are you doing jews a name for your blog
0:53we got to do the name the grassy knoll miss the debts have a colossal what do
1:01you look like you like
1:05missed the day that we go however we just go Pats help you to look beyond our
1:16blog we have caught that holds all grass block own debts so does his death that
1:23he had missed the dub but I kinda wanna make it a big grassy that we go to miss
1:29the day the grass block now oh geez make a cake and give it to you add up block
1:34ok let’s do that is that is that would upload eights I didn’t realize oh geez
1:39how do you make a cake please don’t fail me now
1:46valley now yes all the guys that could be very embarrassing very embarrassing
1:51indeed run this can only put off a block of emeralds ok mr. diets are you gonna
1:59eat this cake you don’t have a mouth wards
2:03mr Doyle so clever always get that is incredible he has no mouth yet he’s
2:11eating the cake welcome to my new pat Quinn’s deflate Paco is you beat the
2:18OG’s mister dots seem to have completed the popcorn ready he’s quick he’s very
2:24quick on the one that we go on there we go that’s super sweet this we go fuck
2:32was no use my strong point but Mr diets knows me well enough I like Ed Parker
2:37this is Nikki’s this bet doesn’t look easy but yeah it’s done it does yes ok
2:46next next year and being with us is that where are you what did you got mister I
2:53don’t even know where he’s gotten have fallen down and himself if he did you
2:57can play the puck all of that you should be you beat you up even though you don’t
3:02have legs
3:03you did really well to be honest riled up is it cool during all I don’t think
3:09there’s many months has made me cross the cold room before there we go
3:13water bucket great place to go down on the
3:16block and fill it with water you however you don’t become a soggy wet sand mess
3:22of does he go you might eat the cake now you get a drink this is the most
3:32incredible piece of my life
3:35you end up looking on da block with the dog why I hate mazes unless there’s cake
3:42in the end he gets is that cake at the end of this was a big mound of duds even
3:48if you are at the end mister debts I’ll be absolutely fine with that
3:52why mazes I don’t like mazes
3:56mister Dada Life playing these games with you well I like playing games it
4:02you but not ones that involve mazes what would you do this to me I’m geez another
4:06dead ends pls let there be cake at the end I would love for that to be KN 00
4:11adds this is looking get out Jesus multiple choices now let’s go this way
4:18where are you mister mister dots you have the ability to eat and drink
4:27him is that he made it that’s him and we are very very far away my goodness we
4:33are so far away from new friend got a friend Billy Mays like this when he has
4:39no on the legs that’s pretty impressive had missed the doctor you do buddy to
4:46run for ages to find you how you do it in how are you doing I even go look
4:51literally a superhero zombie king joined the game
4:57give me a couple of now I would never give you my dub luck he’s got I guess he
5:02must fight then allergies all man thats missed the dots everywhere like this I
5:10don’t like this if the next page does not stop attacking my minions go away
5:15that plenty of Miss adults around can you not see them
5:20what time does one more time please on mister ducks they just they just look
5:29like him there impostors impostors I tell you no no I want to take you down
5:35not happy with you all Jesus is gonna be bad at all look how many there are
5:39oh my goodness so became why why do I miss the tell us about it because they
5:45are super powers
5:46eight we can drink without having a mouse you can build mazes about having
5:51an arm and a leg
5:52hands of course and he could make force fields without the ability of the brain
5:59which is amazing wave Paul McGuinness is it can be tricky a very talented I am
6:03going to go away I would never give you mister diets never never have created a
6:09superhero that you are super jealous although there are so many of them I’m
6:14hoping the zombie king is next because I’m really not happy with him you got my
6:18faith in yourself some be king is not fat is ready not bad to just give me
6:23your minions and not face you space me like a man to man you got there at the
6:29beginning lol you’re not what I expected to be honest I don’t you is going to be
6:33bigger but you just have to pick up the soul tonight at him I can get you gonna
6:39get you excited he’s coming off to me don’t hug me
6:43poisonous his under any poisonous especially these guys as well he’s
6:47really like you are having trouble getting these guys Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
6:56Yeahs mister doubt that you are geez I thought I lost you for a second he says
7:02yes I say yes mr. dots and your thoughts but I can’t even hug you I want to argue
7:10plays tonight is the one seconds we’ve been through so much you know I have my
7:15so you can give you my sword you sir are a true superhero
7:20you’re amazing Mr ducts you’re amazing thanks for playing rights I’m going to
7:26cry myself 100 block of death because I think I can do better
7:29no one will ever replace Mr . Ave but he was quite the superhero so I think we
7:37need the upgrade him so this is the upgrade to miss the dogs we’re gonna
7:41call him to put its a good as I we can change his changing appearance as well
7:49selective Oakfield Dr we’re gonna go for he was great but now he has evolved he
7:56has evolved to applaud yeah it’s look at him his brains literary spitting out the
8:01top of his head and you definitely deserve another KK you go oh my goodness
8:06if you are here to save the world and nothing less
8:11here we go cake that everyone and you can have these eggs 28 the ball 800 G
8:17Jenkins now you got some friends you got the minions it can help you in your
8:22fights against evil eat your cake
8:25know you got it the case that a way that way this thing for dots cake and super
8:30does cake only you cannot touch it is like royalty you know going up there we
8:37go you full announced he wants to play poker again no I don’t want to do the
8:42blog or again
8:43zombie king cannot take this one away from me come on this day in one go
8:49fell back to the stock that’s something a complete joke and this is where we
8:58must plot ways I don’t care if you’re fasting right now
9:01Supercuts is ready to put that doesn’t need to drink look at him look at him
9:06the guys thank you so much
9:08video of this map was kind of cool I like with a couple things that can be
9:12done with class now so I hope you enjoyed a meeting my new friend mr. Doug
9:16evolved into simply da and his chicken minions of you enjoyed it if you did
9:21please thumbs up that bill and author of this obvious but they see me please do
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9:29minecraft hours and I’ll see you guys in the next one kid