If experience travel is a part of your Brand new Year’s Quality then listed here are just ideas that might really make the next year someone to remember for a long time.

Travel is some of those things that lots of us wish to accomplish but rather than your typical beach heading holidays exactly where you lay out and relax for just two weeks straight why don’t you take an energetic and much more exciting strategy with experience travel?

1. Journey the Inca Path

The historic lands associated with Peru is really a place associated with magic as well as wonder, enabling you to follow the actual footsteps of among the world’s the majority of complex empire; the actual Incans.

2. Visit the actual Galapagos Island destinations

This is among the world’s the majority of naturally stunning places along with unique wildlife that isn’t found elsewhere. It can also be the area where Charles Darwin introduced the idea of ‘survival from the fittest’. Smooth sailing, scuba scuba diving and going to the huge tortoises is simply the main fun that may be had right here.

3. Damage Dive the actual SS Leader Coolidge

This damage dive can be found in Santos Espiritu that is one associated with Vanuatu’s most widely used islands. The deliver itself was an extravagance liner which was taken over through the U. S army before sinking to some friendly my own. It is regarded as probably the most accessible shipwrecks in order to scuba plunge.

4. Ascend Mt Kilimanjaro

What better method to experience the actual vast Africa wilderness than in the peaks associated with Tanzania’s Mt Kilimanjaro. Fittest as well as altitude do are available in to perform here since the peak gets to over nineteen, 000 ft.

5. Go to Yellowstone Nationwide Park

This Nationwide Park was the very first on the planet and is among America’s the majority of visited as well. It established fact for it’s geyser area hosting as much as 500 geysers inside the park. As well as the wildlife recognizing is another reason to go to including more than 60 mammals.

6. Glaciers Caving

A well-known cave present in Austria may be the Eisriesenwelt Caves that are limestone caves which have formed icicles through the entrance from the cave inside the Alps. It’s the largest glaciers cave on the planet and is actually open in between April as well as October every year.

7. Go to the Sundarban Jungle

Visit the actual swamp as well as mangrove woodland which on the border associated with Bangladesh as well as West Bengal, India and hosts the decreasing in numbers Bengal tigers. It’s also great with regard to wildlife spotting for a lot of other species too which consists of the plentiful birdlife, new world cats, mongoose and also the unusual searching crocodile referred to as the Gharial.

There are lots of more adventures available on the planet but this particular list to provide you with some ideas and can hopefully start your way of thinking of exactly what adventure travel you intend to take upward.

Planning to take an adventure of the lifetime? Don’t error adventure travel for any trek that requires absolutely no arrangements whatsoever. On the actual contrary, adventure journey requires lots of preparation as well as planning particularly if you will a international country. Reserving flights, selecting accommodations, buying travel cover and organizing activities are are just some of the things you have to accomplish prior to going on this kind of holiday.

Investigation your location

Are you going to Asia for the very first time? Or would you prefer a location closer such as Eastern European countries? Wherever you’re headed, be sure you have investigated your location first. In so doing, you is going to be guided within planning your own itinerary. You can budget your hard earned money and learn what you ought to bring, aside from providing you with an concept of the social issues you have to be aware associated with.

Know when to visit a location

Climate developments are essential in preparing an experience travel. Can a person imagine exactly how dangerous it might be if you continue a whitened water rafting adventure throughout the rainy several weeks? You could find themselves in the medical center and incur out-of-pocket healthcare expenses particularly if you did not purchase travel cover.

Determine the optimum time to guide a trip

Researching your own destination also provides you with a better idea on the optimum time to guide flights. There are specific times from the week whenever flights tend to be cheaper, like throughout the midweek (Thursday and Thurs).

Choose the best outfit

Your outfit is essential when you are on a good adventure journey. Bringing the best clothes may protect a person against severe weather, whether it is in the cold climate or perhaps a tropical nation. When purchasing travel ensemble, don’t just choose those produced by popular manufacturers. You can consider the websites associated with industry companies that checklist down outfitters through region or even activity. Through there, you are able to select an established manufacturer associated with outdoor clothes gear for example jackets, totes, helmets, footwear and so on.

Pack gentle

You’ve noticed this prior to but might have turned the deaf ear into it. In a good adventure vacation, the weight from the bag at the rear of your back is really as important because say, the cash in your own wallet. Fewer products packed means a far more lightweight a person, giving a person enough power to last via a tiring day time of strolling and hiking. Don’t forget to create essentials such as t-shirts, strolling boots, clean kit, first-aid package and plastic material cutlery.

Choose a visit that provides you with affordable

Adventure outings are said to be cheaper than happening cruises due to the cheaper expenses of lodging and actions. However, most first-time experience travellers end up in large debt following their holiday due to failing to select packages giving value for his or her money. Whenever booking a good adventure journey package, be mindful of additional or concealed costs such as taxes, local manual fees as well as gratuities which could all increase your journey expenses.

Buy adventure travel cover

Getting experience activities travel cover ensures you will not have to be worried about out-of-pocket costs like hospitalisation costs in case you get ill while going; and obtain compensated if the trip does not push via.

Why Go France?

More recently the thought of adventure travel may be going close to. People are wanting to get out of the comfort areas and attempt new as well as exciting points, but what is the definition of the adventure tourist?

Let’s rapidly cover a few things that aren’t considered experience. Vacationing in a resort as well as spending days about the beach or even poolside, even though enjoyable, isn’t adventurous. Going upon cruise for any week or even two at any given time where the concept is in order to relax about the water and have fun isn’t daring either.

What’s adventure journey?

Immediately, ideas of hiking mountains, hiking through jungles, sky scuba diving and floating around with sharks involves mind. All of these can be viewed as adventurous as well as none of these are usually a common move to make for most people.

As much since the term pertains to those actions, being a good adventure tourist simply indicates being brave enough to visit out as well as try some thing new.

For a lot of that some thing new could be embarking on the road trip a few hundred kilometers away, going the actual nearest city to savor the Fri night artwork walk, even simply exploring the actual scene in the local artwork picnic. What is actually adventurous for just one person might not be for the following person as well as vice versa. All of us have our very own comforts as well as boundaries.

There’s an indisputable fact that adventure journey means fascinating, on the actual edge as well as potentially harmful experiences. As lengthy as we could push our very own boundaries and get free from our safe place that’s the true which means of experience travel.

That knows, that street trip could possibly be the catalyst to begin with in pursing larger and higher things. All it requires is 1 step to obtain some impetus and carry on moving. That person who started away as timid and barely prepared to step away from home might wind up one day time white drinking water rafting as well as base leaping from high structures.

Ultimately you ought to decide on your own if you are an experience traveler. Have you been trying some thing new as well as going someplace different? When a person look back again at an event are a person wondering the way you did this or the reason why you made the option to get it done to begin with? If therefore, then jim yourself about the back because so long as it evoked some form of exciting as well as thrilling feeling within a person, then you are an experience traveler!

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0:03hunting going
0:08her ready for you
0:15me you small bathroom hun
0:25could be strong I will be and only I’m thrilled to be strong
0:30feel every time like me
0:37hmm from me hurts you
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0:54the Inc welcoming hustlers
1:00sorry hmm
1:05high Q
1:14hurts you
1:27hurtful to me
1:38for me Hulk
1:47sorry we can look really cute do you think most
1:51husband own fully working
1:54you her me
1:58keep pushy
2:01for suited to meet you
2:05thinking coupon really played 15
2:09surely site making me feel so uncomfortable
2:15you hulking capital income to come from him shortly
2:22which is primenews her living
2:26shuriken for additional cue
2:31taking you shaken going to pick
2:36it came to the UK scientists
2:39you can okie some thank you
2:50hire you
2:57to complete the sweep you
3:01to withhold I’m peak from comparable
3:05she million three you
3:10p3 working you want to you can
3:16kinky boots only you
3:19meets you well cue
3:24from ok quite searle
3:28W surely welcome to impress you
3:35the menu
3:40the her keeping your feet
3:51in you
3:56for you me free hi
4:01baby what you want me to tell you over
4:04her shouldn’t have to in North this generation her but you’re not sure
4:11you’re giving me feel her public
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4:26on up
4:30johnnie yeah I N word
4:33plane yet heard a knock evoke percent
4:37Harrington Rd were +91 inherited from
4:41kickin the Grammy he went million be
4:45running no johnnie you can head on clerk
4:49resources underground wafted weekend
4:52for now yahoo.com ike
4:58fun fun i cant
5:08the fam a cheatin on me
5:11a compiled and
5:15cannot yeah stuff going on around you missed
5:18and yeah game stop yeah
5:22down-home palm I
5:26to when in
5:29part okay
5:33for but I
5:40supreme okay act check your
5:43like her like to
5:47by well
5:55the school her
5:59this is the feet which pic
6:03keep first think
6:08whom evil is real crashed
6:15with Kenny bode well for much freer
6:19getting probes you
6:24football you
6:30thank you /url her

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0:00hey what’s going on guys and welcome back to some grad school as you can see
0:14today we are outside because it is a very special episode we have done the
0:18pets show tell just like you guys were did so who do we have we’ve got group
0:24with his pets are grew tell us the name of your pet is my pet Butler his name is
0:30Jeff hello jeff is still looks a little bit freaky here I think he’s really cute
0:39little bit scary though I can see ya ok next maybe you should go back over so we
0:50can talk about your pet ok era Brian I have a lot of past but this one is one
0:56of my favorites it’s Mike fire dragon named Leo Leo you look so you look scary
1:02as well as flames everywhere
1:05top who’s your body is this K
1:09hello hello you can talk in stone yet Doug don’t know you’re so cute I didn’t
1:22know dogs could talk this is really strange okay well basically there’s a
1:26story behind this made a wish to my magic leprechaun
1:31I have a dog that can talk that pretty much sums it up and its neighbors don’t
1:34you pick his own
1:36thought it was also do you happen to like donuts I love Donna still my
1:42favorite food that makes sense then what he chose that babe that’s really cool ok
1:48so guys today is
1:50pets show-and-tell like I said so now we’ve seen all the pets it’s time to see
1:55what they can do so through Europe first alright so group what can he do anything
2:02at all trying out my serve I don’t know you said the said that ok little purple
2:08jeff jeff is his name is it ok so Jeff can you maybe change the weather
2:21any ideas you know I forgot to eat my breakfast this morning so I would love a
2:50sandwich Jeff can you make a Sunridge Canyon Jeff
3:24gonna be delicious ok I’m gonna go over here I’m happy now but I have one final
3:52test for Jeff Jeff i’ve seen that you can do everything I believe in you but
3:57can you take down the biggest baddest of all time
4:01mobs ela ya know
4:05well if you say so Jeff ok let’s see it
4:27for grew Jeff that was pretty amazing jeff is such a super cool I would love
4:38to have Jeff Barry J crew is probably like the best book ever I’m thinking
4:45about replacing Butler deal with him really well that was amazing well done
4:51back in line
4:52next is going to be a live up to Jeff I think oh ok ok now it’s done it’s time
5:04to show and tell me a bit about your pet dog ok well done I had loads of talent
5:12the main ones obviously the dog that can speak like the coolest thing ever I
5:21really like that but yeah it’s really great nose so he could probably flip and
5:28find anything you ever asking 2013 has the Center for it which is pretty cool
5:32he’s coming from adventures and been able to sniff it and things that were
5:35lost which is also the last one is he’s really really good at getting so he’s
5:43really really quick so if you had something buried somewhere he be able to
5:46dig it out
5:49specially if its food down but are you ready to put these two tests ok let’s
6:03first we’ve got us things out okay guys you know the rules you have to stay here
6:08and face the school you’re not allowed
6:10watch myself and go and bury these items you don’t know what they are gonna have
6:15to try and tell us what ok ok ok let’s go here
6:24shovel to bury the items at that one
6:29let’s go we’ve ok ok ok ok ok ok ok
9:36ok ok ok ok that’s really good and we got this steak and actually I’m a little
11:14bit hungry you can have this thank you for being such a good boy
11:21no problem ok now you said that you’re really good and really fast at the house
11:28so we gotta put this to the test
11:30you’ve gotta dig the biggest hole that I’ve ever seen and it’s got to be pretty
11:35are you ready for that I’m so excited about this when I think I’m going to be
11:39brilliant at it
11:40ok let’s see it
11:55right now it’s your turn now I know everyone else has been pretty
12:26spectacular so far as the let’s see what your big fiery dragon can do he just
12:31kind of birds everything oh really so he can’t do anything else but burn
12:36everything I don’t know if we had at the skill I suppose what do you think can we
12:42see what he does it’s not safe I thought so we don’t want to still burning that I
12:50was really cool though I really want to see what you can do is really cool maybe
12:57maybe we could visit her parents house because I know he be allowed to do
13:01whatever you want their what do you think I think that would be amazing I
13:06think would be so ok if you guys in the comments want us to do that
13:15be sure to leave a like on the video and we will go and visit her brains out of
13:20his parents they’ll be really cool book a big thank you to donate the dog and
13:24then the cali a big thank you to grew and Portland Jeff we had a lot of fun
13:29today and our first show and tell if you guys enjoyed it
13:33be sure to let us know what I like a video and we will be back next week with
13:37some more pets show-and-tell I had a great time and if you want to check out
13:40donuts channel he has its very own YouTube channel with all of his own
13:44adventures and misadventures with Kelly it’s a lot of fun I’m kind of jealous of
13:48the adventures they go on
13:52to take them to link in description go say hi hope you enjoy and we’ll see you
13:59next time

Complete Video Transcript
0:00OK, Rachel, I just had the best idea ever.
0:03We can combine our money and buy a pet to take care of together.
0:06That’s an awesome idea.
0:10Let’s go to the pet store right now.
0:51It’s the perfect pet.
0:55Getting this pet parrot was the best decision
0:57of our entire lives.
1:02Caw, yeah.
1:03Whoa, it can talk.
1:06I think we should take our new pet to school to show everyone.
1:09Great idea.
1:13Oh no.
1:13There’s Cassandra.
1:14Cassandra is so annoying.
1:16Just act cool.
1:20Hey, Kathy.
1:22Oh, hey Cassandra.
1:24I actually go by Kathryn.
1:25OK, so Kathy, I really love your bird.
1:32Caw, Cassandra’s so annoying.
1:35Oh my gosh.
1:36That’s so rude.
1:37I’m out of here, ugh.
1:41My armpit itches.
1:43TMI, girl.
1:44Whoa, cute boy alert.
1:47Act natural.
1:51Hey ladies.
1:54Caw, cute boy alert.
1:58Caw, my armpit itches.
2:02Um, I have to go.
2:04We gotta go too.
2:07Oh my gosh, I have math next.
2:08I hate my math class.
2:09My teach stinks, and I’m never going to use this in my life.
2:12I know, right?
2:13I’ll see you later.
2:14See you.
2:15Does anybody know the answer to number 13?
2:18I do.
2:21Caw, I hate my math class.
2:23My teacher stinks.
2:24I’m never going to use this in my life.
2:27Well, if that’s how you feel then get out of my class.
2:33Remember that one part in that movie
2:34where the guy was all dramatic and he said,
2:36I would never do that in my entire life.
2:39That was the best part.
2:41Liam’s over there, scram.
2:47Hey Liam.
2:49Hey Kathryn.
2:50I kind of wanted to ask you something,
2:51if maybe you’d go out with me.
2:55Caw, I would never do that in my entire life.
2:59Oh my gosh.
3:01I see how it is.
3:02No, I swear, that wasn’t me, that was just the parrot.
3:04I want to go out with you.
3:06It had to have come from someone.
3:14Hey Rachel, do you want to take the parrot
3:16for the rest of the day?
3:19We’re going to have so much fun.
3:21You do that.
3:24Teddy was like totally licking my foot earlier.
3:26It was so gross.
3:28Everyone tell us one of your favorite things to do.
3:33Caw, licking my foot.
3:35No, that’s a lie.
3:38It is– smudge on it.
3:40Not on my watch.
3:42Since you guys have been so good,
3:44we’re going to have a party.
3:45Caw, not on my watch.
3:48OK, the party’s cancelled.
3:55It’s lunch time and the food at school stinks.
4:00Wow, chips!
4:01This is my favorite school lunch.
4:03Caw, the food at school stinks.
4:08Wait, no, no.
4:15Today has been so embarrassing.
4:17Yeah, getting this pet parrot was the worst mistake
4:19of our entire lives.
4:21We need to return it to the pet store.
4:25Thank you guys so much for watching.
4:27If you want a shout out next week,
4:29comment down below what other embarrassing things a parrot
4:32could say.
4:32And if you want to meet us, and all of the other Seven Super
4:36Girls in Anaheim, California July 30,
4:38check the link in the description
4:40box down below for tickets and information.
4:42We’ll see you guys next week.

Complete Video Transcript

0:00your friend thing noodles and all welcome at self ban choice Friday where
0:14I play games chosen by you and as you can see on screen or right now we’re
0:20going to tenant your pet it was highly requested although you can see the
0:24bottom it is a relatively old game copyright 2010 those five years old but
0:29highly requested nonetheless now before we start with the game I want a reminder
0:34to leave your suggestions for next week’s pantries Friday in the comments
0:38below so I can have something to play next week so it’s constructed like an
0:42RTC pornographic this is probably made by the same person you get the name ok
0:47so I assume that it’s chicken duck duck life just called Mr Biggles there we go
0:58so that does remind me of duck life actually mean although duck life I think
1:04they were facing sideways ok Mr giggles ok so this is okay let’s let’s let’s
1:12let’s wait
1:15ok let’s just see what we’ve got here is my new random custom I feel like I won’t
1:20get to choose anymore and I don’t wanna do thats ok see all away at the boy to
1:25boy that doesn’t look like Mr giggles me this ok ok I might go back ok weird that
1:38I didn’t make his head like a mushroom it’s just that works ok so here the eyes
1:46no no no no no that no yeah he looks Mr gig very giggly a Bulger has a crisis
2:02like backwards I know Mr giggles that’s not what a world what is that his belly
2:10Mr giggles
2:13there’s nothing but a very giggly about you know there’s not many choices here I
2:18guess I got the Thai etcetera here we go so ok we got freckles
2:24beard i think i dont a moustache o.k good ass a car I don’t know what that is
2:32I those opposed the glasses his eyes away out here mister kendall has
2:37definitely needs a mustache wait he does not wait we need something a little more
2:41giggly giggly I think the ice will help
2:45yeah those are closer now I think of spending too much time on this I don’t
2:55think you’re so yeah you know now you know what the defiles I think those
3:02those are good ok
3:05we are running out of time here ok 9:11 a.m. or something
3:09ok how do you win this ok so what do I do now I just ok ok ok all right now he
3:16now we have the cat scan your pet nutrition new tricks
3:25doing here a way I can see you Mr giggles feeding him ok all look ok all
3:34right and this doesn’t cost money is keeping I’m gonna miss are going to get
3:38fat get fat and look he’s giggling like mister mister giggles yeah he does go
3:44see this is the perfect choice for as I know he’s still hungry look is not fully
3:50a dizzy
3:52I know he is completely full alright so now we’ve got mr giggles don’t hide
3:58baghdad’s time for shower get out here
4:01get out here Mr giggles you’re just like Kobe you run away when I trying to do is
4:07shower hey get over here that’s right mister girls are gonna get you like it
4:14can’t reach him wait no no no no no no no he needs a much much more
4:20Mr giggles oh my goodness you’re just like her video here right now and again
4:30over again let’s get all over and then I’m gonna give them a huge battery 0008
4:39I’m missing you are missing or non on our yeah that’s the trick
4:42all right he’s still a pretty dirty let’s let him walk over one more time
4:47keep walking keep walking keep walking all the way to the edge
4:51oh yeah now getting your now getting you at least get halfway clinic is more than
4:55halfway clean ok alright so when we got here ok soccer ball
5:03we get it back here
5:06000 late tonight
5:11wait is that week but am i what am I making better for him we did I i could
5:17get back to them or I don’t come back I think I can play like oh yeah yeah ok we
5:26are mostly pink long but although I am still at it this way come back here
5:32mister but am i helping us look he’s hungry again dude he is up
5:39actually a check against like like a chicken baby chicken chick
5:53yep 12345
6:04a six man this is this is this is exciting who’s gonna win the game of
6:12soccer not at all Mr giggles you’re good at this buddy I’m gonna do it i dun know
6:19she’s she’s really good ok can you ever be here but I mean I know I mean like
6:31beat him in the game of soccer head during this meeting I’m happy happiness
6:39meter IC it ok all right Mr giggles you dirty old man he was so dirty hehe like
6:50look at how dirty like he was like negative dirty that took so long to get
6:54all Mr giggles
6:56ok cause I won’t play video games of them so i think im like his heart over
7:03here I think I get a happier enough to play against them
7:06alright a lot like declined so I don’t want to clean you sorry buddy oh my
7:14goodness that was good that was good how was good I was gonna get back here I
7:18wish I could scroll over there with other part of the room
7:23this goes away so you can play on his right side ok so you must be right
7:30footed are here we go
7:31your happiness appeared let’s get you to love me forever and ever really get that
7:37look at that filling up the Heart Container alright why there’s this ball
7:41making dirty I can see here we go here we go
7:46come on you know the type doesn’t advance oh that’s like the actual time
7:51in the morning like from my computer
7:53really go slow yes he’s so happy but giggle giggle giggle alright selleck
8:01letting down let’s be happy that the left and right to your right actually
8:11he’s going to his let go to your right buddy there you go to meet ed how come
8:17no I think maybe after I think clean him up for clean before I can play video
8:23games cuz I don’t wanna leave the house yet
8:26but let’s get the video games arc as I feel like all right and so I think if
8:31you do these if you get them all full then you can get the truck
8:37my goodness Mr giggles oh no you’re not happy he’s he’s not that happy on this
8:44is gonna make it really upset right here we go haha oh yeah ok all right you have
8:51other time I did a lot better with cleaning him alright why do you always
8:56avoid the shower
8:58Mr giggles do not as quickly as I expected although why the PetSafe water
9:07so much haha what all men come on that didn’t do very well at all I think I
9:13feel like I think I think I know why
9:20that was even worse so I thought my my mouth had to be over him but it’s not
9:25it’s actually the water there when I get it get it was juicy so dirty I keep them
9:31clean at all
9:32get over here one time though I got a full video games
9:38giggles alright
9:45hahaha gosh ok why can’t I want to unlock
9:52I think I don’t get it clean enough lol yeah go that way that no other way to go
9:59that way I R you gonna be fully clean and a second body yep yep you got it
10:06right in the Lok by killing click this one
10:15alright fine let’s beat him let’s beat him and then we’ll take him out for
10:22exercise and then maybe doesn’t go in order maybe maybe chicken for exercise
10:29and then you can come back and play video games because you’re tired then
10:32you win
10:33ok we can’t here we go what will happen
10:54should’ve waited for the is it because I don’t understand
11:06video games I did out of order to start over like literally looking into the
11:33film that all of you guys who told me to put this game do this is gonna happen
11:40that he was going to literally put Mike I can’t speak mister dingell can I spent
11:48all of that time watching him being in a place with him and making him happy and
11:54it was all just wow thanks guys
11:58well I just touch it and toys Friday that was an awkward ending really
12:08awkward don’t forget the most in the comments below what you want to see me
12:13play next week maybe make it a little bit more of a happier ending type of
12:17game while ago cry now
12:22guys if you enjoyed this episode of Han Chinese Friday although with my kids how
12:29you would
12:30we do go out and pick up the shuttle component like button as hard as you can
12:33see you guys again soon thanks for watching and for that suggestion that of

Complete Video Transcript

0:00hey whats up guys it is bear the most extreme game of all time you force me to
0:06play another game called can your pets I’m assuming it’s asking what your pet
0:12can do I have no idea I guess we’re going to find out so gotta Neymar pat so
0:19I guess because it’s an egg
0:21let’s go to shelly yes it’s going ok so I’ve got this cute little check here I
0:33dig that shit you know what i’m saying I mean I like that but you know Rapada ok
0:41so we had all these different weird things do it okay that’s that’s a lot
0:46like these other games on plane you just what I don’t understand so little mama
0:52hawk that’s cool
0:53ok can customize the eyes which are really creepy I’m gonna get i think im
0:58just gonna go to the standard def going but what the heck is always a belly
1:03button that’s weird
1:06ok we gotta Bulls Jersey that’s backwards the belly button as do the
1:12belly button
1:13yeah that’s weird ok now we’re doing some little all jacked christmas-themed
1:20on big in the Canary gotta go the christmas-themed gonna do that today is
1:25you know all the holiday season it’s almost Christmas elf ok so that unlock
1:29this and giving him food to eat
1:33all right now I can wash em doesn’t like them some swell your journey your dirty
1:40birds so you get the wash
1:44ok so you kick the ball is going ok you are terrible at this game
1:56ok so I guess that unlocks that so let’s wash you off because you’re getting a
2:03little dirty again they go let’s give you this are you sure you want to do
2:07this this bike yeah let’s put the see what you do want to buy what’s happening
2:14whites what your patch I was actually the little guy up to 999 why would I
2:39want to kill my ok ok idea of what the heck what is going on what
2:53your name what what is the key
2:56don’t touch the key cuz you might die apparently this is a game of murder and
3:01death and destruction think you guys now I get to be scarred for life touched
3:10dick what happens to a check ok now I’m getting more cans will what does that do
3:17I don’t understand I get a fraction of a can is it quite like cooking that is not
3:24annoying at all
3:25all right now I’ve got yay cans of murder in my in my room with me now I
3:31get to sleep with my murdered friends
3:35fantastical what is with understand how was this occasion when did this happen
3:43man pet no I don’t do well I don’t even know what happened
3:49ok ok so I get that oh I get more cans the more than I do you want me to press
3:55this one no I’m not out of che rates now I killed what the heck no I don’t care
4:05about your ads get out of your doing now there’s change things playing at the
4:09same time this day just went south
4:16can your pet I thought it made can your pet like a chance
4:20get your pad do things that are cool not you know get murder beaver time soap
4:28licking these things I can do that
4:32murdering all of them but all the chicks in the cans I will never write your game
4:43your your game of murder
4:46they’ll be overtime last 15 minutes this game is giving me a fever this game I
4:56don’t care what we do I don’t know ok now I’m back I am I having fun that’s a
5:02great question no I’m not having fun I started off having fun it was fantastic
5:07and then maybe not fantastic but it was kinda cute but then all of a sudden now
5:13I’m sleeping with piles of murdered friends so that you got that going for
5:18it to be a Rockies game and now we’ve got I don’t even know your name as I do
5:30you see a swirly had got the only got a weird thing going on
5:36collect up to 99 I can
5:38for a new ending is an ending that does not end it because that would be
5:44fantastic if I can get up to I need more at this is gonna take forever I gotta
5:50get up to 999 because I need to snow I’m not I’m not present at 10 we’re not
5:57doing that let’s get this we get more yet is kinda like cooking in that
6:04it is these up in India more cans per second of murder trends
6:09all right now now I can play hacky sack in my room alone surrounded by by birder
6:17superfund gas white guys have to say that why did you have to force a playoff
6:24why did you want to laugh at me like I didn’t realize that made that it’s gonna
6:30can your pack cans in there I got it yeah you know when your pet to a rap
6:42do the Macarena I don’t know it could have been many different things but no
6:47ok here we go now I got my upgrade let’s say I’m not reviewing your game
6:54here’s a review for you terrible ok I got the key what happens
7:00gosh they’re better not be a murder machine outside this door ok buddy what
7:06are we doing he looks happy but that apparently means nothing in this game
7:10one pat is new of the truth and got the freedom grammar not your specialty very
7:16much is great that it was a key to the factory where I get to see all my
7:23friends murdered are some well now I get to have nightmares you have scarred me
7:29for life thank you very much I never want to play video games ever again
7:34yeah thanks guys appreciate it till next time
7:41extremists it out don’t suggest more games were meeting for us to get plague
7:46they’re all like forcing the games

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0:11now that we have a pet shop we could hear the a little more
0:14inventory so we’re going to make them using new printable
0:18from my beloved cardboard craft foam
0:21embroidery floss for thread take jewelry making supplies like
0:26jump ring chain and lobster clasp recycled paperboard
0:30a hole punch a.m. clue I start by taking in brought a reply
0:35measuring it out to cut 3 longstreet when making this very large you don’t
0:41like an 18-inch
0:42I would double or triple the amount take a jump ring
0:46push the thread do the jump ring find the middle that bread
0:50been tied a knot break the fly and I find it useful to use a binder
0:56displayed the jump ring on the dinner ring and I use clips to hold my other
1:01so that always nearby when I get to the end I
1:04folded over make me small lil wrap it with more thread
1:09Hyatt at a drop a plume once tried
1:13chairman of the excess to making leach and if I push that thread
1:17the jump ring I can make an adjustable loop
1:21on the end t fit almost any thoughts head
1:24any chain for a different style
1:27I can use a longer chain and smaller braid
1:30at the even use a lobster clasp and make a simple not at begin
1:35to make the lead well boy court a jump rings to both
1:39n to making simple chain collar i gather stream to making another Brady
1:44only this time I’m using a variety of colors
1:47and a place that thread directly onto the binder using twice as many stranded
1:53I begin Brady tie a knot on the hill
1:56and then again forty double not making another double not
2:00father %uh cut on the outside but not
2:03to make a rope bone take a braid
2:07and pulled over the ends making a figure eight
2:10rap red around with their point apply glue
2:14once tried carefully trim up the excess
2:17to making another rope dog toy make a super long parade
2:21thread not include the end trim off the excess
2:25on a non-stick surface like a plastic bag
2:28I begin to quayle the braid around it doubt
2:31place a piece of tape on top to hold it in place
2:35put bit over apply glue use a brush to spread it around once tried
2:41carefully remove the tape way it with the blue side
2:45facing down to make a software %uh for the little pet
2:49using new printables for my blog we cut cardboard
2:53Dec include layers together cut out a printable
2:57cover the cardboard with the printable to make boxes that kitty litter
3:01and dont read cut strips of paper
3:05roll it around a toothpick making paper tubes
3:08who won a label to make fish food
3:11using a whole high jump at home I can make a bottle cap
3:16for the hill cut out I printable shop tag
3:19good to recycled paperboard cut them out
3:23make not funny Breda thread applied gloom
3:27cut away the excess string glue them onto the printable
3:31to be packaged scantily giving a 8 you more
3:34I am did but on the shelf
3:37and you’re done popcorn d
4:05whom you are already
4:06time for lunch now you’re be good and I’ll be back in 10 it
4:11we want to give a shout out here Kylie Brandon K
4:20her all happened her
4:24didn’t you all eat every ok
4:27wherein can explain don’t worry still be there only
4:33did and that’s why I schedule a delivery
4:36for pack your lunch

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0:00you don’t just go here at ago meanwhile me for lunch I got your favorite daddy
0:16back let’s go awry driven by Dr Dre never drive the big one
1:51the Internet
1:59life without internationally he doesn’t understand
2:24there was the time he leavin you couldn’t go online video look yummy yeah
2:37in my lifetime always yeah I know you are so far
2:51at one time they were just Carphone you couldn’t get the phone out of the
3:00critical now the car and no computers when I will
3:06for iPad in our home phone
3:17were connected to the wall where people get on their dialogue it would really
3:28make those noises could dial it was basically and then just walk away and
3:39they would crazy Haley you don’t know what you’ve got up souvenirs how a real
3:58alligator it was 130 alligator I don’t know how I feel about this its taxidermy
4:04so there’s no waiting for me the dogs they’re gonna feel about it
4:22she never let her sleep she’s usually just sleep in 30 need a nap but today
4:41she got up really early and so she’s pretty tired though she’s laying in my
4:46room watching TV and I bet you to follow that we heard the show will show the
4:55girls when they get home from gym tonight we’ve got gym later to hear what
5:05do you think about that by teaming up on you look
5:28errors in touch with their Paul Gauthier pipe
5:39dunno what did they can with your part and we just want to shake hands so you
5:56wanna look together what type of way but ok explain
6:48registration may I am getting out right now we just picked any up from gym and
7:04she’s being a little bit of a what should I say how should i word being a
7:15great many rings and everything alright
7:36anything special
7:46created in 2001 actually my favorite a little bit with more now and overshoot
8:09and rolled out of it I thought up into a ball of bars no better than birth
8:25thank you
8:27spinning it can go just like that perfect thank you
9:04but it’s two days tomorrow but the next day but I like freaking out so much did
9:25you do
9:26giving the extra I like to actually she’s getting that extra dark chocolate
9:31chocolate caramel sharing with you get this one of the Dutch mobile order every
9:54per share you there’s two of each one fish two fish will have to show you what
10:04I got you guys so any word 170 I got her she was born in Georgia so when I was
10:11flying to Georgia got her Georgia shirt and then Haley got some gum and analogy
10:1810 and then I got them this to see if they’re gonna like it
10:54even if the package rack ok I wouldn’t give a baby because I read it for a baby
11:34tiger a baby giraffe and then you can write it so don’t forget you have
11:53anything what would you let him at all